Rs 15,000

Business Analyst Professional Certified TM

Business Analyst Professional Certified™ leads the candidate to be a certified member of Business analyst Community to learn Business Analyst in a practical and detailed way. This certification focuses on covering the concepts, benefits, tools and techniques, roles and responsibilities, methods and professional values of Business Analysis. This certification will give you a basic knowledge in the Business Analysis and thereby encourages you to implement the tools and technologies in your Project teams. This certification is an excellent platform for those who want to work as a Business Analyst.
Business Analyst Professional Certified™ is a professional certification for business analysis practitioners who want to be recognized for their expertise and skills by earning formal recognition. This level of certification has requires 3 years of minimum experience in terms of professional work experience.

Why do Business Analyst Professional Certified TM?

Courage : To demonstrate your knowledge
Opportunities : It will bring more opportunities in terms of job and compensation
Recognition : This is a well-known certification world-wide and a lot of demand from the industry
Ethics : It will encourage you to follow ethical practices
Knowledge : It will broaden your perspective towards routine work
Growth : It will help you grow in your career and organization
Share : It will encourage to share your knowledge and concepts with others in your community

Eligibility Criteria

  • Duration :2 hours or 120 minutes
  • Question Type : Multiple choice
  • Mode of Exam : Online or Paper based
  • Total Questions in Exam : 100
  • Passing Marks :
  • Passing Percentage: 65%