Scrum Master

Scrum Master leads the candidate to be a certified member of SCRUM Community to learn SCRUM in a practical and detailed way. This certification focusses on covering the concepts, benefits, tools and techniques, roles and responsibilities, methods and professional values of SCRUM. This certification will give you in-depth knowledge in the SCRUM Methodology and thereby encourages you to implement Scrum Methodology in your Project teams. This certification develops SCRUM Master who are facilitators to the Scrum Team. SCRUM Master ensures that the project is completed successfully and the customer accepts the shippable deliverable at end of each sprint. The SCRUM master coordinates with the SCRUM Product owner and also manages the SCRUM team. The Scrum Master guides, facilitates, and acts as a coach for the SCRUM team. The SCRUM Master manages and overcomes all the impediments for the SCRUM team.

The SCRUM Master plays a vital role in the SCRUM organization. SCRUM Master is a responsible position and additionally, contributes to the delivery of the project.

This certification provides an excellent platform for the SCRUM Master to showcase their knowledge in SCRUM organization.

Major events that the SCRUM Master is responsible for:

  • SCRUM Planning meeting
  • Daily SCRUM
  • SCRUM Review meeting
  • SCRUM Retrospective meeting

This certification is focussed on assessment of skills of the SCRUM Master to check whether they have skills and competence to manage the SCRUM team and the Team members. It recommends certain tools and techniques that can be easily implemented in real life there-by making SCRUM an effective tool in managing projects and tracking progress. SCRUM is an effective deliverable oriented project management methodology which is becoming well known in all industries and is welcomed by management and project teams. SCRUM is the future. Our Training Organizations will help you deliver the training course by means of role-plays and team exercises which will help you implement SCRUM in your projects effectively.

This certification will enhance your credibility within your team, organization and also with your clients.

Why do SCRUM?

SCRUM promotes faster time to market and thus is a very powerful tool.

  • Manage Changing Priorities
  • Increased productivity:Scrum should provide greater productivity for the Team per Sprint. This is probably best measured by Velocity, meaning average total Story Points ‘done’ at the end of the sprint, over probably the last 3 sprints.
  • Better Align IT/Business
  • Enhance Quality:We think a strong Definition of Done and more automated testing naturally should lead to higher quality.
  • Project Visibility:This is one for the managers.  They can just see better whether the project doing well or not.  This is a big win for them. Whatever the answer is, I just want to know the truth, they say. If things are not good, then I can so something about it, they say.
  • Optimize the results
  • Increases predictably
  • Minimize overall project risk
  • Increases customer satisfaction
  • Scalability

Examination Eligibility Criteria

No Work Experience: In order to appear for this certification exam you do not need any professional work experience.

Education: You need to mandatorily attend the training from our Accredited Training Organization to appear for the SCRUM Master examination. 

Pre-requisite: Preferably SCRUM Developer certified but not a mandate

Exam Pattern

Number of questions: 60 multiple choice questions
Pass mark: 60% (36 out of 60)
Open book/notes: no
Exam duration: 90 minutes
This exam has two sections – Section A and Section B
Section A contains 40 questions – conceptual.
Section B contains 20 questions based on scenarios.

Target Audience

SCRUM Master
Team Leaders
Business Managers
Project Managers
Operations Managers
Software Programmer
Integration Specialists
System Administrators
Network Administrators
Automation Architects
Application Developer
Business (Requirements) Analyst
Team members
Or anyone and everyone who wishes to work on SCRUM Framework as a SCRUM Master.