MSP Advanced Practitioner Certification

The MSP® certification scheme has been developed to offer three levels of certification: Foundation, Practitioner and Advanced Practitioner.
AXELOS has accredited a number of Examination Institutes(EIs) who then accredit a network of Accredited Training Organizations (ATOs), including their trainers and course material. The ATOs and accredited trainers offer MSP training courses and examinations.

Why do MSP Advanced Practitioner Certification?

The purpose of the advanced practitioner certification is to determine whether a candidate is likely to be able to lead and manage a programme of transformational change. That is, whether someone is capable of applying the MSP guidance in a complex programme within an environment that uses MSP.

MSP FAdvanced Practitioner Certification Eligibility Criteria

  • Essay-based
  • Two questions per paper, 75 marks available in total
  • 38 marks required to pass – 50%
  • Three hours’ duration
  • Open-book (other material than the MSP Guide, such as of course notes or copies of presentations can be used during this examination, but use of electronic aids, such as laptops, is not permitted).