Project Management Consultancy

A project management consultancy is a professional consulting firm with knowledge and experience in the specialized area of assisting organizations to improve their practice of project, program and/or portfolio management. Our focus also includes the supporting environment and necessary leadership that enables projects and programs to accelerate the implementation of an organizations’ strategy and the achievement of business results. We will use the term project management to represent all the disciplines of project, program and portfolio management as well as the supporting environment.

We cater to the organizations specific needs or business objectives, to achieve the program’s strategic objectives and benefits. It involves aligning multiple projects to achieve the program goals and allows for optimized or integrated cost, schedule and effort.

Why Do Project Management Consultancy?

Organizations continue to grow in scale and scope—taking on ever more complicated projects—but they have not necessarily made the same advancement in their organization’sproject management practices, processes or methodologies. For example, many continue to focus on single projects to the detriment of a program or the project portfolio as a whole.

Assessing your organization’s current practices against industry-recognized best practices will help you identify gaps in your practice of project management where a subject matter expert or consultant could help you focus on opportunities that will drive improvements in your business performance and results.

Using a project management consultancy allows you to draw on its invaluable experience.Since consultancies work with a broad array of many organizations, they encourage organizations to explore options unknown to the organization itself and then help select the most promising option to implement.