Why Do Lean Management Foundation Certification?

The AACPS Lean Management Expert Certification (AACPS LME) provides you with an in-depth understanding of a Lean enterprise and the philosophy behind lean manufacturing. Lean is a continuous improvement process that focuses on the elimination of waste and delivery of higher standards of quality, speed and efficiency. Lean manufacturing, which was earlier considered as a set of tools to minimize waste and improve efficiency has transformed into a total solution to pursue business. This certification covers all the Lean principles and Lean tools, together with the necessary examples to help you understand how the lean enterprise works.

AACPS Lean Management Expert Certification (AACPS LME) provides in-depth knowledge of best practices adopted in Lean Management across industry practices.
AACPS Lean Management Expert Certification (AACPS LME) accreditation establishes your expertise in the application of your knowledge of best practices in the deployment of Lean Management methodology. This accreditation also demonstrates your skills of successfully delivering Lean Management projects.

Target Audience

  • Project Manager
  • Program Manager
  • System Analyst
  • Delivery Manager
  • Team coordinator
  • Functional Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Marketing Executive
  • Marketing manager
  • Sales Team Member
  • Production Team Member


4 Days

  • Certification
    Duration : 3 hours
    Total Questions : 150
    Passing Score : 90 Questions (60%)

Lean Management Expert Certification – Examination Eligibility Criteria

Lean Management Foundation+3years work experience